REC-1 is under contract to assist schools and school districts with obtaining a CLIA Certificate of Waiver to perform Point of Care (POC) CLIA Certificate of Waiver tests on-site. Under this contract, the REC-1 will

  • Obtain the waiver, and participating sites will be included as authorized testing centers;
  • Hold the master certificate of waiver for any school or school district wishing to participate.
  • Conduct the site review necessary to receive the waiver.
  • Communicate with the regional school health advocate for assistance with testing protocols.

REC-1 endeavors to make this as easy as possible for participating schools and districts. Initial visits will be virtual—so not disruptive to your students and staff!

If your school will be providing testing and does not have a certificate of waiver, reach out to De Anna Davis, REC-1 CLIA Coordinator, at

Benefits to Schools

  • Provide testing services for Covid, Influenza A & B, and Pregnancy
  • Keep students and staff in schools
  • Provide a critical service to your school community
  • Save money: No application process or fees, no submission requirements
  • Identify health conditions early

Eligible School Types

  • Public school districts
  • Public charter schools
  • Non-public (private) schools
  • BIE / Tribal-controlled schools

Webinars about CLIA Waivers through REC-1

Tuesday, May 24, 10:00–11:00 a.m.


Tuesday, June 7, 2:00–3:00 p.m.


Download the Webinar Presentation Slides

Do We Need a Waiver?

All schools conducting Point of Care (PoC) tests need to have a valid CLIA Certificate of Waiver. (PoC tests are diagnostic tests performed at or near the place where a specimen is collected.)

A CLIA Certificate of Waiver allows you to carry out these low-complexity PoC tests outside of the traditional clinical laboratory setting. CLIA Waivers are required for each location where PoC waived test are being conducted.

Once you are included in the REC-1 CLIA waiver of certificate, your regional School Health Advocate (SHA) will assist you with any information and requirements for administering the tests. We will help you connect with your regional SHA.

One caveat: Lab-based testing where samples are collected on-site and mailed to a lab for processing does not require a CLIA Certificate of Waiver.

For Participating Sites:

Step 1 Sign and return the MOU to be included in the REC-1’s Umbrella CLIA Certificate of Waiver.  (sample MOU)
Step 2 Complete the Site Information Form. (click here)
Steps 3 & 4

Review the CLIA Site Review Checklist (download), and make sure the site meets the requirements.

Review the CLIA Quality Assurances Form (download) and complete as necessary.

Step 5 Collaborate with the REC-1 CLIA Coordinator to schedule your virtual site visits: De Anna Davis,
Step 6
Work with your regional School Health Advocate to complete requirements for testing administration.

Information and Resources

CLIA Certificates of Waiver and On-site Testing (Remember, you can get your certificate through REC-1)

CDC’s Ready-Set-Test Booklet (All about performing waived tests – VERY IMPORTANT read!)

SimpleReport for reporting Covid test results (registration required)

School Health Advocates (Names, contact information, and regions)