Bloomfield Comprehensive Navajo Dual Language Planning Project

An 18-month project to develop a Pre-K to Grade 12 comprehensive plan for supporting long-term educational and career success for Navajo students.

Funded by the William K. Kellogg Foundation.

Contract Opportunities
Lead for Dual-Language Development (filled)
Lead for Early Childhood Development (filled)
Lead for Career Tech Readiness

Core project components

  1. Community-based Early Childhood Centers:
    Collaborate with community-based childcare providers, early childhood educators, and community members to

    • emphasize students’ culture and community
    • identify needs for staff professional development and certification
    • create a pathway to kindergarten readiness
    • develop business plans and models for long-term success
  2. Dual Language, Navajo & English:
    Collaborate with K–12 educators and community stakeholders to

    • assess current Navajo language (dual-language and stand-along) curricular offerings
    • create a K–12 Navajo-English dual-language curriculum leading to speaking and writing mastery in both languages
    • identify current and needed staffing and professional development
    • plan for integrating the dual-language curriculum with the current school structure
    • establish plan for students to enter the dual-language program at multiple grade levels
  3. Career Technical Readiness:
    Collaborate with local industry partners, San Juan College, and educators to

    • identify emerging career fields and students’ interests in those fields
    • assess current career preparation opportunities
    • establish pathways towards certification in, or preparation for, career fields
    • identify needed resources, staffing, and professional developing for offering pathway coursework

Project Roadmap

Month Benchmark Operations Pre-K Community Centers Dual Language Curriculum & Program Career-Technical Readiness
1   Initiation, strategic planning      
2 Identification, Assessment Identification, Assessment
3 Finalize comm pre-K survey, survey of dual language Project coordination, plan development, communications
4   Needs assessment Language scope and sequence
7 Identification, Assessment
8 Redevelopment planning and metrics for success Resources, Strategies, Assessments
10 Student survey, Needs analysis
12 4 career fields, PreK-12 Language curriculum Accessibility: Program entrance planning
13   Business planning Pathways into careers
14 Integration into school structure
16 Integration into school structure
17 Finalization, Integration, Distribution Integration into plan Integration into plan Integration into plan
18 Finalized plan

Publications / Resources

Download the Project Brochure (1.2 Mb)

Pre-K Program Quality Assessments