Resources for Elementary Math Mastery
First Grade

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1.G.1.3-D Shape Sort 1.G.1. Attribute Lesson 1.G.1. Between the Lines
1.G.1. Build a Better Swingset 1.G.1. Building Squares 1.G.1. CH Shape Riddles-1
1.G.1. CH Shape Riddles-2 1.G.1. CH Shape Riddles-3 1.G.1. Comparing Shapes
1.G.1. Doughnut Shapes 1.G.1. Shape Sorting 1.G.1. Shapes in Our Community
1.G.1. 3-D Shape Sort 1.G.1. Toy Box Sort 1.G.1. Triangles Aren’t Bad
1.G.1. Math Unit-6 All vs. Only Some Task Shape Cards

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1.G.2. Picture Pie Geometry 1.G.2.Dimensional Shape 1.G.2.Blueprints
1.G.2.Build a Wall 1.G.2. Building Beehives 1.G.2. Sammy the Snowman
1.G.2. Sammy the Snowman Discovers Shapes 1.G.2. Cover It Up 1.G.2. Cubism
1.G.2. Cutting a Cube 1.G.2. Food Fractions 1.G.2. Fossil Hunt Task
1.G.2. Lyle’s Triangles 1.G.2. Overlapping Triangles 1.G.2. Playhouse
1.G.2. Puzzle 1.G.2. Scavenger Hunt 1.G.2. Shape of Things
1.G.2. Squares 1.G.2. Tangram Puzzle 1.G.2. Grandfather Tang’s Story
1.G.2. Triangles 1.G.2. Triangle-Triangles-Triangles 1.G.2. What Can You Make with a Square?

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1.G.3. Picture Pie Geometry 1.G.3. Birthday Cake 1.G.3. The Doorbell Rang
1.G.3. Food Fractions 1.G.3. Framing Fractions Picture Pie 1.G.3. Pizza Party
1.G.3. Quilt Squares 1.G.3. Shape Sort  

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1.MD.1. Assessment Task 1 1.MD.1. Assessment Task 2 1.MD.1. Assessment Task 3
1.MD.1. Assessment Task 5 1.MD.1. Assessment Task 6 1.MD.1. Compare Order Lengths
1.MD.1. How Many Teeth? 1.MD.1. Lengths in Units 1.MD.1. Measure the Tallest Buildings
1.MD.1. Measuring Mammals 1.MD.1. Painting Project  

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1.MD.2 Books on a Shelf 1.MD.2 First Rate 1.MD.2 Growing Beans
1.MD.2 How Big Is a Foot? 1.MD.2 How Long 1.MD.2 Measure Me
1.MD.2 Measuring Blocks 1.MD.2 Measuring Flowers 1.MD.2 Measuring Tape
1.MD.2 Moving Furniture 1.MD.2 Non-Standard Measurement 1.MD.2 Ribbon
1.MD.2 School Walk 1.MD.2 String Measuring  

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1.MD3. Travel Time 1.MD3. Time Lesson 1 1.MD3. Time Lesson 2
1.MD3. Time Lesson 3 1.MD3. Time Lesson 4 1.MD3. Time to Match
1.MD3. Time Clock Sort 1.MD3. Time Bingo 1.MD3. Time Barrier Game
1.MD3. Teaching Time Work Mat 1.MD3. Teaching Time 1.MD3. Once Upon a Time
1.MD3. Making a Clock 1.MD3. Introduction to Analog Clocks 1.MD3. Grouchy Ladybug Time
1.MD3. 1st Math Unit    

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1.MD.4 1st Math Unit 1.MD.4 Animal Graphing 1.MD.4 Class Reward Data
1.MD.4 Comparing 3+ Items: More or Less 1.MD.4 Comparing Candies: More or Less 1.MD.4 Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream
1.MD.4 Fish Graphing 1.MD.4 Lemonade 1.MD.4 Mr. Smith’s Ice Cream
1.MD.4 Party Cake 1.MD.4 Pick a Pocket 1.MD.4 Through the Grapevine
1.MD.4 Treasure Hunt 1.MD.4 Weather Graph  

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1.NBT.1 1-120 Colored Chart 1.NBT.1 1-120 High Cards 1.NBT.1 1-120 Number Card with Blocks: Low
1.NBT.1 1-120 Number Card with Blocks: Medium 1.NBT.1 Building Tens at the Lego Factory 1.NBT.1 Building Tens at the Lego Factory-Final
1.NBT.1 Choral Counting 1.NBT.1 Concentration 1.NBT.1 Cookies
1.NBT.1 Counting Circles 1.NBT.1 Counting to 120 1.NBT.1 Double Down
1.NBT.1 First Day Number Sense 1.NBT.1 Fish out of Water 1.NBT.1 Flip and Skip
1.NBT.1 Flip and Skip Chart 1.NBT.1 Number of the Day 1.NBT.1 Number and Operations in Base 10
1.NBT.1 One Gorilla Counts 1.NBT.1 Pathway to 120 1.NBT.1 Roll and Build
1.NBT.1 Snow Fun by 2s 1.NBT.1 Start / Stop Counting 1.NBT.1 Very Hungry Caterpillar
1.NBT.1 What’s Missing 1.NBT.1 Where Do I Go? 1.NBT.1 100 Chart Digit Game

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